How Can I Keep My Invisalign® Aligners from Smelling?

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Invisalign aligners can give you the dazzling smile that you have been dreaming about, but you will have to take care of them to prevent smells. Maintaining oral hygiene is an important part of wearing Invisalign aligners. You do not want the aligners to harbor bacteria and plaque, which can quickly lead to bad breath, dental cavities, and gum disease. You’ll want to gently brush, rinse, and soak your aligner trays every time you remove them. You can use the solution Retainer Brite, which was designed specifically for Invisalign aligners. There are also off-market cleanser brands available that are similar. They are specially formulated to cleanse and disinfect the aligners.

Dr. Salvator La Mastra and the dental team at Hamlett & La Mastra, DDS in Dallas, TX can answer any questions that you might have about caring for your Invisalign aligners. You can also schedule a consultation with Dr. La Mastra to discuss if Invisalign aligners are the right choice to give you a dream smile.

Cleaning and rinsing your Invisalign aligners

To keep your Invisalign aligners looking and smelling good, you’ll want to clean and rinse the aligners.

Rinsing your aligners is a quick method that freshens them and removes food particles. A good rinse can also keep your aligners smelling fresh but will not remove unseen bacteria that might build up, causing bad breath. Store your aligners in a protective case.

Invisalign aligners markets what they call a "Steraligner," which is a tray with rubbing alcohol and sodium bicarbonate. You place the Invisalign aligners in the tray and let them soak for three minutes. After soaking the aligners, you can rinse them off using warm water.

To keep the aligners clean, you can also purchase cleaning crystals offered by the Invisalign team to soak your aligners in. The crystals are made of sodium sulfate, which acts as a cleansing solution.

How often should you clean your Invisalign aligners?

You’ll need to clean the aligners every night. Most people clean them at the same time they brush and floss their teeth. Cleaning the aligners every night will remove bacteria or debris that have built up on the surface of the aligners throughout the day.

Many wearers also opt to clean their aligners every time they drink something to prevent the aligners from staining or discoloring.

Every time you remove your aligners, give them a thorough rinsing.

People often believe that keeping their aligners clean is not that important because they swap them every two weeks for new aligners, but odor-causing bacteria can quickly build up on the surface of the aligners. Dirty aligners will make your teeth look yellow and cause you to have bad breath.

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